Saturday, August 4, 2012


And so.... you've probably all decided that we'd never write anything again, but here I am!  It's been a busy spring and summer.  Really fun and exciting things happening!  I guess I'll just pick up from here.  I haven't kept up with OLW overly well, so I haven't been doing the blog hop.  I hope to work on that soon.  The month of July was sort of "adventure month" for me.  I went zip-lining, which sounds not that exciting and totally exciting to me, just depending on what kind of mood I'm in.  But whether it's really adventurous or not, by the time I actually got there and got up onto the two story structure to jump off, I was a wreck and almost went back down the ladder to wait!  But I did it.  I jumped off that platform with only a harness hanging from line to hold me.  Every time I jumped it was soooo scary, but riding down the rope was sooo fun!  Crazy stuff.  I'm glad I didn't go back down the ladder.  It was worth the scary. 

View from the platform

Then a week later I set off with 16 other people from our church to Kayenta, Arizona to the Navajo Nation to do a Vacation Bible School with the church of Christ there for 4 days.  2 days out and 2 days back, with 5 days there was a long trip for all of us.  But it was great!  We got to do some sight-seeing (Grand Canyon!!!) and it was really neat to meet the people there and see a little of how they live and what they're like.  I've never been to a more friendly place than the Navajo nation and it was beautiful.  The missionaries in that town are doing a great work and we had a great turn out for VBS.  It was fun to meet all the kids and get to know a few of them a little bit. 
Grand Canyon

On one night they made Navajo tacos for us.  Yum!  It's taco toppings on fried bread.  I got to help make the fried bread.  So much fun!  They had a tub of dough and you'd pull out a handful and shape it into a tortilla shape.  You squish the edges flat and then start passing it from one hand to the other and it gets bigger and flatter.  Until you drop it in the floor.  But they were very nice and had me try again.....and again... until I made some good ones.  I only dropped two!  Of course, that's two more than anyone else, but there you go.  I made several good ones after that and had so much fun! The people there were so nice to let me try again.  The tacos were really good and I'm hoping to make some here at home.  I just need the recipe....
Navajo Tacos

The VBS was a success, I think, and it was great to get to know some of the Navajo people and the missionaries there and the people from here that we traveled with.  

And then to top off the whole crazy, wonderful trip, I helped drive the church bus home!!!  I've never driven the church bus (or any bus) before and I drove it home, pulling a small trailer!  The only disappointing thing of it all is that no one got a picture of it.  But I have witnesses!  It did happen! 

It was great and now I am sooo glad to be home!  Great memories! 

~Contentedly Quirky