Thursday, February 9, 2012


So this is my first real scrapbook -- the first one of an event.  I'm on my second One Little Word album, but that's a different sort of thing.  I love seeing other people's scrapbooks and always think that I'd like to have scrapbooks of my things, but it seemed overwhelming to try.  Then I signed up for this class on Big Picture Classes.  Finish Line Scrapbooking by Stacy Julian.  You just sort of throw it all together, in a good way, and it makes a great album!  Here's a couple of my pages:

This is out visiting my friend walking on a lake! I live where it never gets cold enough to freeze a lake enough to walk on it.  There were actually cars further out on the ice.  Crazy stuff! 
There are ways to make the album prettier, but I wanted to get mine done fast.  And I did!  I got it done in a day.  (And I didn't spend all day doing it.)  I am quite happy with it and I enjoyed it enough to look forward to doing another one. 


  1. I'm much more photogenic with a sticker on my face! lol. :)