Wednesday, March 14, 2012

T-Shirt Makeover

So this morning I decided I needed to make something.  So I decided to re-do a t-shirt.  I went to Goodwill to get one that I didn't mind ruining, in case it didn't work out...  It often doesn't work out.  But I'm pretty happy with the results this time! 


I made a ribbon casing on the front with two buttonholes in the middle -- we won't go into how using the buttonholer on the sewing machine worked out.  Let's just say I'm pretty happy with my handmade buttonholes.  :-)  I put some ribbon through the casing, sewed it on and it was all done.  I may have to try this again sometime!


  1. Awesome! Totally changes the silhouette. :)

  2. this turned out so cute!! good job. this would be a really flattering look on hannah ... i should think about doing this for her. [oh, it's flattering on you too! lol]